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about Chef cynthia louise


I’m Chef Cynthia Louise,

I love to cook and create food for people. Real food, as in edible plants! Food as nature intended. It’s such a special gift food. It’s ability to bring people together and to nourish us on all levels – I love it! What makes me crazy is all the confusion out there about what to eat! I want to bring some clarity and realness to your table. I’m here to give you everything you need to make your own extraordinary everyday food, from scratch, using real ingredients. Simple.

I’m realizing more and more how my unique experiences as a person allow me to shine in from a different angle. I grew up in Papua New Guinea eating amazing local plants, learning how to make do with whatever I had. There was no sugar, no dairy and so these things are never being a part of my natural way of cooking. Of course as a Chef in Australia they were introduced to me, but I prefer using my original ingredients – coconut milk, natural sweeteners. It’s not following a fad, it’s just where I come from, a place of health.

One of my other great inspirations is being a mum. I ‘get’ fussy kids, I really do! My son was a sugar addict and would sneak chocolate bars on the way home from school. At my whits end to satisfy him and keep him away from the sugar I worked extremely hard to create healthy chocolate mousses and cakes. It really pushed me to get the most of out my creations, and some of my favourite recipes I share with you today are thanks to him.

So yeah, I’m pretty creative with food, give me any recipe and I can make it healthy and taste good and pass it on to you. I guess this is my gift to the world!

What else… I like shopping for food in farmers markets, going to the beach with my god-daughter, hanging out with my girlfriends and having a good laugh. Life is good, I feel in abundance and I want to share that with you through my recipes, ebooks and online programs.

Chef Cynthia Louise xx

“I just love the way Chef Cynthia Louise inspired me to cook and have a better love for food and how to nourish the body with wholefoods. I loved her style, presence, her individuality and creativity shown in her cooking. The food tastes amazing and I love her recipes and I’m always sharing them with family and friends. Chef Cynthia is a one of a kind who’s passionate about what she does and effects all those around her positively.”
~ Shelley xx

Classically trained chef,
Best Selling Author + so much more…

Chef Cynthia Louise is a qualified whole food chef that is leading the whole food revolution with edible plant recipes. She gained her qualification in a leading health retreat on the Gold Coast Australia and has spent more recent years in Bali refining her art through collaboration with health revolutionist Tyler Tolman.

  • Professionally qualified chef
  • Trained in Australia’s top health retreats
  • Best selling author of 3 international cookbooks
  • Specialist in food for allergies, intolerances & weightloss
  • Her restaurant Three Worlds was rated as Australia’s top vegan eats in 2010 by the Melbourne Age (Cynthia has since moved on to other ventures)
  • Restaurant consultant
  • Public Speaker in wholefoods as a tool for health prevention
  • Health Retreat Presenter and Facilitator
  • Lover of bio dynamic, organic and permaculture produce
  • Actively creating a library of ebooks + online cooking programs

Chef’s gift in being able to take traditional favourite foods and transforming them into simple healthy dishes full of flavour is nothing short of genius. She created 3 best selling cookbooks with much loved Dr Libby and has been a saviour to many households across the globe. Cynthia brings so much of her personality into what she does that’s no surprise her down to earth nature have made her eBooks, Bali Retreats and Online Programs a huge success.