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With Chef Cynthia Louise


...Through Simple, Easy Health & Food Principles by
Attending any of Our Extraordinary Bali Health Retreats

Feeling extremely grateful to of crossed paths with Chef Cynthia and her inspiring
ways! The first time I met her I couldn’t wait to get home to empty my pantry and
re-stock it with better choices. She empowered me to change the way I feed my
children and deal with their negativity toward the change and created a passion
in me I didn’t know was there. Chef, you are one freakin amazing being!!

- Summer

health retreats and workshops by
chef cynthia louise + tyler tolman

I love retreats, It’s been a big part of my world, having started my career working for Australia's top health retreats many years ago. It’s a great opportunity for me to connect with you, share my love for whole food cooking and wisdom around nourishing your body and soul.

This is why I have been working in conjunction with Health Revolutionist Tyler Tolman on all his retreats in Bali for the past 5 years. It’s our love and commitment to provide you with the best healing retreats on the planet.

Tyler and I offer 3 amazing retreats here in Bali. Tyler’s gift is to have you inspired, take action and be transformed through the process of fasting and healing on all levels. From there, I shine in from the ability to fully nourish your body in the
transition into a new way of living, loving and eating through food. Find out which retreat is right for you below!

experience the powerful connection of
food + health and living

Food is so much more than just something we eat. It’s what creates every cell in our body, it’s what nourishes us, sustains us + heals us. I’ve witnessed the healing effects of wholefoods, raw foods + fasting for years and it’s a big part of why I do what I do!

I got tired of seeing family + friends have to miss out on their favourite foods because they were unwell or on some ‘crazy diet fad’. It’s these kinds of situations that inspires me to create delicious food that causes nothing but great health. It’s such an honour to share my philosophy + recipes + cooking techniques with beautiful humans like you who come to these retreats.

the experts

  • Wholefood Master Chef
  • Talented in making plant-based foods taste amazing
  • Healthy comfort food that taste amazing + nourishing desserts are her forte
  • Infectious personality
  • Creator of 3 best selling books with Dr Libby - The Real Food Chef
  • Health revolutionist
  • Highly successful health coach + retreat facilitator
  • Has inspired 1000’s to improve their health + gain their life back
  • Over a decade experience in fasting + healthy living
  • Super knowledgeable + a natural teacher

which health retreat
is right for you?


Fast, Feast + Live

Cooking Amazing Food + Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

A 5 day retreat to discover the art and health benefits of intermittent fasting and creating mouth-watering healthy wholefoods.


HOW to eat, WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat, and WHY we should eat certain foods to NOURISH our bodies.

From Chef Cynthia Louise: How to make simple, healthy soul nourishing, mouth-wateringly orgasmic wholefood that will make you radiant from the inside out.

From Tyler Tolman: Discover the art of intermittent fasting and rejuvenating your body everyday! A health secret, which many ancient cultures practised, but is largely unknown to us.

  • Feel the joy + gratitude experiencing the most mouth-watering healthy food on the planet
  • Fall in love with how to nourish yourself in the
    mornings – without food!!
  • Be confident in understanding the keys to make healthy living easy + fun
  • Make cooking super enjoyable + fun
  • Reduce your risk of disease + start feeling younger everyday
  • Gain clarity + certainty about the simplicity
    of health + feel amazing
  • Want to cook healthy meals the whole family will love
  • Learn how to make amazing tasty food from scratch
  • Wanting to know how to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle
  • Indulge in amazing food with zero guilt and still look great!
  • Interested in how + when to eat for optimal health and vitality (intermittent fasting!)
  • Wanting to learn more about overall health
  • Like the idea of fasting, but love your food!

I’d never cooked, I’m such a health conscious person, it was a really big problem an a blockage for me. So being able to get into the kitchen and get into cooking and seeing that I can actually create AMAZING food, that’s good for you, so simple and easy....
It’s literally changed my life!

- Summer



Live In Australia

Sick and tired of all the confusing information out there about what is ultimately best for your health...

Be immersed with Tyler Tolman for an intensive and interactive 3 days, packed full of practical and profound wisdom that you will take home and begin to action straight away!


You’ll learn absolutely everything you need to know to avoid disease and live a long, happy and healthy life.

You’ll be immersed in an amazing opportunity to connect in with the people in your own community who are sharing this journey to True Health and Well-being.

From Chef Cynthia Louise: Live wholefood cooking demonstrations on how to make simple yet healthy soul nourishing, mouth-wateringly orgasmic wholefood that will have people wondering how you did it.

From Tyler Tolman: You’ll experience 3 full days of teachings, wisdom downloads, learning activities, group exercises and mini workshops, all carefully designed to get you on track to Divine Health.

  • Transform yourself and your family
  • Know the health secrets you’ll wonder how you lived without
  • Be informed and aware why illnesses are on the rise in our society
  • Shift in your awareness on health
  • How to cook and create mouth-watering
    healthy food
  • Full knowledge of how to heal your body from within
  • Reduce your risk of sickness + disease
  • Become super informed and educated on health
  • Feel confident in knowing how to look after yourself
  • Ready to experience a radical transformation in your life and your health?
  • Tired of all the conflicting information out there about what is ultimately best for you?
  • Feeling tired or sick more often than you want to be, or feel you need to be?
  • Ready to be part of a like-minded, health conscious, local and supportive community?
  • Looking for the best possible plan of action for you to follow to divine health?
  • In need of real guidance on health principles that go beyond hacks and outdated techniques?
  • Waiting for the right opportunity to finally take back control of your health and your life?

Loved the whole weekend the most amazing seminar I have ever attended. Thank you Tyler you are an inspiration. I love your passion Cynthia you are an amazing Chef, & the team for making it all possible!!

- Trina Steele



Can’t get away?

Interested in healing your body through cooking wholefoods + ancient health principles.
Chef Cynthia Louise and Tyler Tolman have a complete 13 week online proven system you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. It contains step-by-step modules to help you learn all about nutrition + wholefoods and how to integrate them into your everyday life.

Chef Cynthia Louise shares 30 days of recipes on wholefoods as well as a 30 day raw food program.


A 13 week transformational course delivered in ‘bite-sized’ pieces, this program is beautiful because, at the end of 13 weeks you’ve made a massive transformation through small daily and weekly actions.

No matter if you’re working, taking care your kids or you’re just “busy” this process is designed to be gradual and flexible enough to be in resonance with you and your life.

Lifestyle change doesn’t haven’t to be hard work, we will show you how to make this is fun. What makes this super enjoyable is the whole online community you will be connected with to support you.

  • Healing disease from the comfort of your home
  • Have certainty with a renewed attitude on health and outlook on life
  • Feel more alive and more energized that you have in years
  • Feel the joy and gratitude experiencing the most soul nourishing healthy food on the planet
  • Feel empowered in knowing how to optimally fast
  • Reduce your risk of disease + start feelingyounger everyday
  • A flexible program designed to work inresonance with your life
  • Feel supported with an online communityof over 7,000 people
  • You will have this system for life...
  • Have a desire to heal from disease and sickness
  • Wanting to lose weight, feel confident + radiant
  • People looking for alternative ways to heal themselves
  • Want to know more about optimum health and the healing powers of fasting
  • Want to be empowered and have the knowledge to be able to support the health of others
  • Seeking to get away from the modern medical system to heal
  • Looking for a program that is flexible enough to fit with your lifestyle, yet still have enough support and engagement to keep you motivated
  • Would love to come to Heal Thyself Bali but are not in a position to

Feels so wonderful to be in-charge and responsible for your health and life’s happiness. A life changing experience for the whole family. Husband and 4 year old son has accepted it with open hands/hearts. Feels so wonderful to be in charge and responsible for one’s health and life happiness

- Kate Forrester

and all in the comfort of your own home!


WHAT others say?


I got stuck in a rut of cooking the same thing, + Cynthia has opened me up to just how easy it is 


Hello! I’m Chef Cynthia Louise

I love to cook and create food for people. Real food, as in edible plants! Food as nature intended. It’s such a special gift food. It’s ability to bring people together and to nourish us on all levels – I love it! What makes me crazy is all the confusion out there about what to eat! I want to bring some clarity and realness to your table. I’m here to give you everything you need to make your own extraordinary everyday food, from scratch, using real ingredients. Simple.


My mission is to facilitate creativity in the most humblest of kitchens around the world.  Creating high vibrational recipes using accessible ingredients as close to nature intended them to be with low human interference.