My mission is to facilitate creativity in the most humblest of kitchens around the world.

Creating high vibrational recipes using accessible ingredients as close to nature intended them to be with low human interference.

Chef Cynthia Louise

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do i receive my Super eBook/s after purchase?

You will receive an email after your purchase with a link to download your ebook/s
Q. How do i receive access to the Online Cooking Classes?
The Online Cooking Classes are in a password protected Membership site. After your purchase you will receive an email with your login in details and password and a link the to membership site where all the video recipes are held
Q. Are the Online Cooking Classes assess for life?
Yes, you have lifetime access to all the Online Cooking Classes you purchase.
Q. Can i watch the online cooking classes on my phone or tablet?
Yes, you can watch the online cooking classes on any device with a web browser
Q. Does Chef Cynthia Louise do one-on-one consultations?
Yes, via Skype and to book a one-on-one with Chef Cynthia Click Here!
Q. Are Chef Cynthia’s recipes all Dairy and Animal free?
Yes, Chef Cynthia’s cooking is all dairy free, Animal flesh free, refined sugar free, She does cooked with eggs and honey – so these are not all exclusive vegan recipes There are easily modifiable for vegans
Q. Do i need to have access to a health food store to get ingredients used in your online cooking classes and ebooks
No, almost every single ingredient i used and teach you to cook with can be found in almost any major supermarket
Q. What is Wholefood cooking all about?
It’s about getting into the kitchen and creating meals drinks and snacks with ingredients as close to nature indeed in their whole form. It’s free from additives, preservatives, chemicals and has had low low human interference.
Q. How do i get access to the Chef Cynthia Louise Online Kitchen Facebook Group?
After any purchase from this site, whether it’s a Super eBook/s, Online Cooking Classes, a Praxis Retreat, or a One-on-One coaching session, you will be sent an email to invite you to join Cynthia in her private Facebook group
Q. Is cooking with wholefood expensive?
No, and it’s definitely not as expensive as going to the hospital or being on medication for the rest of your life.. Good quality Organic (where possible ) wholefood is part of my health insurance.
Q. Do i need to be an experienced cook to learn to cook amazing wholefood foods that you will teach?
Not at all. All you need is a willingness to listen and learn, I will teach you everything you need to know.