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I’ve been searching for a program to study from, I’ve been online trying to find something that I could sit learn from and interact with a chef, I couldn't and that’s what i’ve created here…
~ Chef Cynthia Louise

These Online Cooking
Classes Like No Other!

Each series contains 50+ video episodes teaching you how to make healthy ‘Wholefood’ dishes from scratch, step-by-step that will smack you in the face with flavour!

I want to show you how to cook real food. Easy plant based recipes that are fun to create and
taste incredible.

It sounds simple enough, but it’s a hard thing to find these days. Real food and real cooking is
dying - it’s becoming a lost art. People aren't spending time in the kitchen and it’s affecting

I want to show you how to bring the magic of wholefoods into your life, how orgasmically tasty
and amazing they can be. I want to you to experience how healing they are from you body and
how good you feel after eating this way.

I want you to enjoy wholefoods without fear, because some food trend has told you potatoes
make you fat!

Cooking with me goes beyond the ingredients. It’s about passion. It’s about truth. It’s about
coming into balance with yourself and nature. That’s what makes food taste good, and what
makes you shine from inside.

There’s nothing like this on the planet, these are recipes and simple ways of cooking that stand
out from the rest, I promise you.

Pesto Pasta
chocolate crackle

These online cooking
classes are all about...

  • getting you into a state of joy in your kitchen
  • all dairy + cane sugar free, with gluten free options
  • learning everything from scratch
  • creating passion
  • stop counting calories
  • how to hold a knife and loads of other tricks + tips
  • food that heals + nourishes on all levels
  • creating beauty from the inside
  • enjoying dairy free lush creaminess
  • working with high vibrational foods
  • seeing excess weight melt away
  • unleashing the power of plants
  • eating straight from nature - keeping it simple
  • being shown step by step
  • having access to a chef
  • interactive community
  • bringing a new vitality to your life
roasted fruits
raw burger
potato bake

Online Cooking Classes
For You

Each series contains over 50 fantastic recipes, each with step-by-step videos and downloaded PDFs, housed in a beautiful membership site with complete online access to Chef Cynthia Louise with each recipe.
  • wholefood love

    unique online cooking classes
  • If you think healthy wholefood cooking is bland and boring, it’s time to think again!

    Wholefood Love is all about big flavours! In this program I show you step-by-step on video how to create meals with accessible ingredients that you are familiar with and have probably used before (just in a different way!

    This is your opportunity to develop a love affair with delicious yet wholesome food that tastes amazing and deeply nourishes every part of your body - including your tastebuds.

    You’ll learn a mix of old favourites made healthy + new exotic dishes to try - all given a whole food makeover to be made totally guilt free, light and nourishing, whilst mouthwateringly delicious.

    From quick 15 minute meals to wholefood feasts, we have got you covered, the choice is yours.

    • Create healthy delicious vegetarian + dairy free meals
    • Big flavours that love you back!
    • Mix of old favourites made healthy + new exotic dishes
    • Feel more satisfied and watch unhealthy cravings vanish
    • From 15min meals to wholefood feasts!
    green eggs
    breakfast of glory
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  • In The Raw

    online raw food classes
  • Have you wanted to make raw food at home but thought it’s too complicated, or that you need expensive or hard to find ingredients?

    Are you really tired when you get home from work and want to make something super healthy in under 15 minutes that will satisfy the whole family? Then this program is for you.

    It’s all the dishes you know and LOVE, like pesto pasta, pizzas, pad thai, but it’s In The Raw.

    All super healthy and jam packed with flavour.

    If you have a health condition, or just want to get more healthy or lose weight and were worried about missing out on your favourite foods then this program are the answer to your prayers.

    You’ll be surprised at just how easy and affordable a raw food diet can be when you learn

    • Make raw food that’s simple, accessible + affordable
    • Glow from the inside out
    • Simple no fuss recipes - no fancy equipment required
    • Fruit and veggies made sexy
    • Super fast, loads of recipes under 15min
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  • Celebrate Your
    Sweet Tooth {naturally}

    unique online cooking classes
  • I so strongly believe in celebrating your sweet tooth. I mean what’s a big family dinner without dessert? But why wait for special occasions? I wanted to make nourishing desserts that are a celebration in themselves, to be enjoyed in moderation every day.

    We all love chocolate mud cake, ice cream, lamingtons, scrolls muffins and cheesecakes. It’s just when we buy these they are full of processed sugar, fats, and fake ‘food-like’ ingredients.

    But once you start taking control of your health, by creating your own food, in your own kitchen you’ll be amazed at what healthy delights you can make.

    Making healthy sweets is where I SHINE. It’s something I’ve mastered. In this program get ready take your sweet tooth on a health journey as I show you how to Celebrate Your Sweet Tooth {naturally}.

    • Bust the fear, guilt and shame about
      sweet food
    • So healthy you can eat for breakfast
    • Say goodbye to cravings for processed nutrient void sweets
    • A chocolate cake that cleanses your colon
    • Many recipes under 15min
    & berry tarts
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    Celebrate Your Sweet Tooth
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Why I Recommend you
Invest in the Bundle

The bundle option is not only the greatest value but gives you the most expansive variety of options. Living a wholefood lifestyle there will be times you want raw food, times you want some healthy comfort food and let’s face it “I don’t enjoy sweet food” said nobody ever!! Balance is the key. When eating a variety of wholefoods your weight normalises, digestion improves and skin will be glowing.

The bundle will have you covered for any occasion, and any food craving! No more sinking feeling when someone asks you to bring any dish to a BBQ or dinner party. And there’s nothing better than enjoying food you really love that’s guilt free and that you’ve made in your own kitchen with love.

Above all this is the best investment you can make in your health. This is my health insurance. I mean what kind of person do you want to be when you are older? I strongly believe creating and eating wholefoods with passion is the greatest thing you can do to prevent disease.

  • Online Cooking Class Bundle

    • Wholefood Love
    • In The Raw
    • Celebrate Your Sweet Tooth
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Owning These
Unique Cooking
Classes Will
Give You...

  • next level support
  • increase your confidence rapidly
  • learn all the secrets to making tasty healthy food
  • like having a private chef in your kitchen
  • learn step by step how to make incredible meals
  • understand how to combine flavours + unleash your creativity
  • laugh along the way
  • a super fun + engaging way to learn
  • be part of an online community sharing tips
  • get all your questions answered by Chef Cynthia Louise
  • rather than read how to make a recipe, SEE how to make it from scratch
  • perfect to watch on your electronic device
  • everything from quick breakfast, lunches + dinners, to slow food feasts
  • lots of meal options under 15 min
red lentil stew
vanilla yoghurt
orange salad
“Add that cup of love, add
that cup of letting go in the
recipe. Because we are not
just what we eat, we are
what we think.”
~ Chef Cynthia Louise

What’ You’ll Personally Experience...

It’s YOUR Kitchen Transformed

Chef Cynthia Louise beaming into YOUR kitchen, helping you transform the way that you eat and prepare meals. If trying to make healthy tasty food in your own kitchen has been a struggle Chef Cynthia is here to answer all your meal preparation prayers. You will be feeling great and your family will be blown away by the flavours. Everything tastes so good they won’t even know it’s healthy!

Learn How to Use Simple
Ingredients + Make Amazing

The ingredients are healthy and simple enough that you can source them from any supermarket. Everything here is affordable and accessible. No running to the health food store for obscure ingredients. The recipes however are very unique with special techniques and tricks that bring big flavours. Chef Cynthia is there with you step by step as she shares all her secret tips.

Feel Fully Supported Every Step
Of The Way

The most vital ingredient to make and keep new healthy habits is support. Because together we are better. Chef Cynthia is here with you for the whole ride through her online Facebook group and social media pages. Need an ingredient substitution for a recipe, extra advice or want to share your new favourite creation inspired by the program? Jump online and enter into a world where Chef Cynthia Louise is there to answer all your questions and feel the love and support of your fellow foodies.

Professional Expertise Tailored
For Your Home

Chef Cynthia Louise brings all her experience to the table in these online cooking programs. Classically trained as a Chef but bringing in her unique twist of creating tasty satisfying meals from plant based whole foods, she has learnt a lot of tricks and secrets during her career that she is now sharing with you. As a chef and a mum she knows what works for the real world and her already best selling books are testament to that.

  • Online Cooking Class Bundle

    • Wholefood Love
    • In The Raw
    • Celebrate Your Sweet Tooth
    Total Value
    $397 USD
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