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Changing The World One Vegan Burrito At A Time

Redefining Health With Vegan Burritos And Healthy Pizzas

This is a story of synchronicity, inspiration and how a vegan burrito can change lives.

I met Bucky back in 2012. What's interesting is that he never came to me as a client or knew of my books, he just stumbled across me, like literally just happened to be in the same time at the same place! He was helping create the curriculum for my good mate Tyler Tolman's Self Care Adventure 7 Day Juice Fast in Bali.

Bucky is a big bloke, personal trainer who had idea healthy eating meant boring and tasteless and that you must have loads of protein (like loads!).

Well as Bucky says I guess you can say I redefined his take on healthy eating.

At the time we met I was water fasting, like on day 7 or 8, but cooking for the team creating the Self Care Adventure.

I had a request to do pasta for lunch, so just whipped up a super simple sauce with chili, olives, basil and threw some tomatoes in at the end and cooked some kamut spelt pasta.

Since I was water fasting I didn't taste it, just served it to everyone. Well when Bucky started eating it I saw him looking over at me and said "I can't believe you just made this like that! This is amazing."

He immediately asked me to work as a consultant to restaurants he was connected with and then asked me to show him more about how to make healthy food so delicious.

Like I said as a personal trainer and was a big protein eater (especially meat), but I showed him how to amp up the plant in everything he ate. Like how to have salad for breakfast but with scrambled eggs and herbs and this mountain of greens. I remember he was like "holy sh*t I feel so great after eating that".

I showed him how to make smoothies high in green to fuel his workouts more effectively than protein shakes.

He had massive realisations.

He could work out more and felt better.

His whole world changed.

He started he poo more! (I mean come on who doesn't feel better when their digestive system is working properly!)

Like a lot of people I meet Bucky thought that healthy eating meant that things weren’t going to taste so good, or that it meant missing out on his favourites like burritos and pizza.
After helping him clear out his pantry and get into the kitchen with me and showing him how he could ‘have his cake and eat it too’ (or more like burrito in Bucky’s case!) everything really did change for him.

Watch his video to find out more about what he found most valuable changing my kind of wholefood lifestyle.

Redefining Health With Vegan Burritos And Healthy Pizzas

Chef Cynthia Louise xx

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